A handling cart to optimise transport of loads both indoors and out on the same site.

Our user-friendly solutions optimise handling by relieving the operator of physical strain, thus improving productivity.

Whether you require a rotating or tilting trolley for easier content picking, a pine or trestle solution for bulky or sensitive parts, shelves, crates, or a flatbed with rollers for easy transfer to the workstation, you can rely on our design office’s expertise.

Our custom-built carts are easy to use and compatible with all our tugger trains for optimal line-side supply. Trolleys can also be used manually.

Trolley bases come in a variety of materials (word, rubber, non-slip) and can feature sloping corners to hold the load in place and angle irons to make container loading easier.

Crates can be added to optimise the loading area and secure goods during transport. ManuLine offers customised tarpaulins to protect loads.

Wheels are chosen according to the load and type of floor/ground (indoors or outdoors). Wheel size and tyres are studied for optimal use over time.

For increased safety, a dead man brake can be added so the trolley stops immediately when the operator lets go.

It is also possible to add a sprung drawbar to make trolley coupling easier (according to ground types) and build an intra-logistics train.

ManuLine develops 100% modular and customisable solutions according to specifications.

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