History of Groupe Fidève

Synergy to live up to your expectations

  • The FIDEVE Groupe was set up on 1 March 1993 by the current Managing Director Serge Schlienger following the buyout of OUREVAL SA.
    Ouréval cuts and stamps metal parts.
  • In June 1997, FIDEVE took over AIF THANN, part of the FAIVELEY Transport group. This company specialises in fine sheet metal subcontracting.
  • In October 1999, FIDEVE bought BRIFFOTEAUX DUPUIS and set up the MANUPRO company, which later became MANULINE, specialised in handling.
  • AMS was set up in July 2000 – specialising in subcontracting and, more specifically, cutting and forming thanks to high-performance equipment – to win more markets and produce large-scale series.
  • FAÇONNAGE METALLIQUE was acquired in September 2005. Façonnage is a sheet metal subcontractor for small-scale series, or individual parts, and also manufactures machine frames.
  • In July 2007, Façonnage Métallique took over COURBETas a secondary business. Its main client was ALSTOM.
    All the companies are fully controlled by FIDEVE Groupe.
  • In July 2014, FIDEVE took control of ATOS through FINANCIERE ARAMIS.