Trident Storoll

Trident Storoll


This tugger train is designed to transport three trolleys that can hold up to 100 kg each. It can also be used to load and unload plastic or cardboard box-type containers from one side (trolleys can only be inserted and removed from one site) at the workstation.

The trolley is locked simply by pushing it onto one of the three available spaces via a ramp. This system can be used to transport trolleys in any order.

Standards dimensions are as follows: 400 x 600 or 800 x 600 mm.


  • Ease of use and user comfort
  • Fewer (or no) forklifts on the production line to improve operator safety
  • Operation performed quickly
  • 100% mechanical operation: reduced maintenance
  • Single-track train: ideal for narrow aisles

The ManuLine team offers custom-built solutions corresponding to your requirements.

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