Plateau Storci

Plateau Storci


Tugger train with side loading ramps, designed for optimal line-side supply.

This system enables effortless container loading and unloading on both sides of the aisle. Thanks to a simple lever action, loads can be pushed up the ramp and locked in place of the flatbed.

Ideal for transporting plastic boxes, waste bins and another other medium-load containers (maximum weight 300 kg per wagon).

The most common cart sizes are 400 x 600 mm and 800 x 600 mm.


  • Ease of use and user comfort
  • Fewer (or no) forklifts on the production line to improve operator safety
  • Operation performed quickly
  • 100% mechanical operation: reduced maintenance
  •  Left and/or right loading and unloading

The ManuLine team will meet all your custom-built cart requests.

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