Lift Storoll

Lift Storoll


Single-track tugger train to transport your wheeled containers quickly, easily and efficiently to the line side.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

Thanks to its gantry, containers can be inserted and removed on both sides of the train (right and/or left side) in any order, thus improving productivity.

Container raising and lowering is electrically powered by a push button on each mother cart, also known as a wagon. The operation is effortless and extremely fast. The electric energy is then transferred from the tractor by PTO to power the train, thus avoiding the need to add external batteries on the different wagons.

Your wheeled containers are kept raised throughout the run and are stabilised by a mobile safety arm.

Depending on the client’s specifications, the total admissible weight per mother cart is 900 kg.

The tugger train is ideal for moving wheeled containers measuring 1200 x 800 or 1200 x 1000 mm. As products are manufactured to order on site, our design office can accept other specific dimensions on request.

Ideal intra-logistics solution involving transportation by ‘milk-run train’ for wheeled containers that cannot be modified and do not allow floor contact (e.g. for outdoor use).


    • Ease of use and user comfort
    • Operation performed quickly
    • Left and/or right loading and unloading
    • Designed for outdoor use

For all your custom tugger cart system needs, please feel free to contact our ManuLine team. Together we can define the best possible intra-logistics solution tailored to your needs.

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