Intra-logistics transport: bins take the train…

Intra-logistics transport: bins take the train…


ManuLine is expert in the design and manufacturing of tugger trains to optimise processes and line-side supply. We recently supplied a custom-built tugger train for transporting waste bins to a client who is an international leader in the supply of measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial processes.

Our client wishes to optimise the transportation of bins on its industrial site. The bins have “basic” wheels that are not designed to run on trains, and certainly not outdoors (on tarmac for instance). Our design office worked with the client to define the intra-logistics solution tailored to its needs: Storoll Lift. The tugger train keeps the bins raised throughout the entire journey.

This new single-track train model was designed with lean manufacturing in mind and is for both indoor and outdoor use.

It comprises two mother carts – also known as wagons. At the client’s request, each wagon can transport a 660-litre bin with a total admissible weight of 400 kg per wagon. As our intra-logistics solutions are specific to each client, the dimensions and total weight per wagon can be modified on request.

Thanks to its gantry, bins can be inserted and removed on both sides of the train (right and/or left side) and in any order. The operation is electrically powered and so is effortless, easy to implement and extremely fast.

Bin loading is simple & quick: once the bin is centred on the wagon, the operator presses a button to raise it electrically. A mobile safety arm prevents the bin from tipping over during travel.

Bin unloading is just as easy: the operator presses a button to lower the bin to the ground. The safety arm is then raised to release the bin. Lastly, the bin can be removed from the wagon.

The electric energy is transferred from the tractor by PTO to power the train, thus avoiding the need to add external batteries on the different wagons.


  • Ease of use and user comfort
  • Operation performed quickly
  • Left and/or right loading and unloading
  • Designed for outdoor use

Do you also need a solution for moving loads/containers on your industrial site? Our design office would be happy to review your specs and work with you to develop the tugger train best tailored to your needs.