Crossing Storci

Crossing Storci


Tugger train used to transport small containers, for example 400 x 600 mm plastic or cardboard boxes (100 kg per trolley), quickly and efficiently along the production line. Intuitive to use, simply push and lock the trolley in the train.

The aim is to quickly and easily swap a full trolley for an empty one at the workstation thanks to its gantry. Trolleys can be inserted freely in the trains when needed and in any order (or inserted in any position in the train).


  • Ease of use and user comfort
  • Fewer (or no) forklifts on the production line to improve operator safety
  • Operation performed quickly
  • 100% mechanical operation: reduced maintenance
  • Single-track train: ideal for narrow aisles
  • Left and/or right loading and unloading

The ManuLine team offers custom-built solutions corresponding to your requirements.

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