Bulk handling

The ManuLine design office develops solutions for storing, emptying, filling, filtering and transporting flexible containers. ManuLine offers affordable, modular and tailor-made solutions for agri-food, pharmaceutical, mechanical, chemical and textile sector professionals.

Our BIG BAG solutions optimise handling, storage, emptying and filling of bulk products (sand, gravel, grain, plastic granules, etc.).

MANUBAG is a holder for handling Big Bags in complete safety. Ideal for stacking Big Bags, it optimises storage space.

Our emptying stations are used to fully or partially empty the product contained in the Big Bag while ensuring operator safety. Different solutions are available to empty and/or regulate the transfer of materials.

Our filling stations optimise flexible container filling thanks to a feed hopper.

MANURACK is a moveable rack that maximises storage without encumbering an area. A versatile storage solution that is easy to install.

MAXIBAG is a storage solution mainly designed for farmers to store grain, feed and seeds.

The ManuLine team is available to design tailor-made solutions that meet your expectations.

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Big Bag

Flexible container to transport and store bulk products, such as sand, gravel, grain, plastic granules, etc. Its woven fabric is UV-resistant. This solution can hold a maximum weight of 1.5 t per standard bag. It is available in reusable (safety factor 6:1) or single use (safety factor 5:1) versions. Our partners have many certificates and offer specific designs such as flexible silos for foodstuffs, silos for storing hazardous material or bags that can withstand 2-ton loads, etc.

The flexible silo can feature a filler neck suitable for each process to fill the bag while controlling the flow (prevents spillage).

To manage the flow rate during emptying, whether full or partial, the bag can be fitted with a discharge chute.

For easier material transfer, we offer bags with filler skirts, which (thanks to their additional fabric) can open up flexible containers fully and also prevent any external contamination or content spillage by closing them fully.

The bag topfull opening option is an optimised solution for filling in one go. Your bag therefore becomes a storage container.

The bag bottomfull opening option is used to quickly and easily empty the contents of the flexible silo in one go, while guaranteeing handler safety thanks to remote opening.

It is possible to close the bag bottom fully thanks to the flat bottom option. It is suitable for bag storage and transport only.

ManuLine can customise flexible containers with company colours by printing (on one or more sides) to give brands more visibility.

We also offer tailor-made bags. Feel free to contact us for specific requests (sizes, big bag types, etc.)

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A versatile holder that optimises flexible container (Big Bag, FIBCs) storage and handling.

Easy to stack and unstack thanks to the cupped feet stacking system (no tools or bolts needed). Optimises BIG BAG storage areas thanks to stacking feature (1+3 stacking possible according to tube length and BIG BAG weight).

It features a frame, four tubes and a base. Each structure can hold up to 2 tons.

Filling is optimised when flexible containers are in holders (there are no pockets as the fabric is stretched unlike when big bags are stored on pallets) and there is no risk of tipping during handling which guarantees operator safety.

Our standard holders are available in 950 mm or 1200 mm centre-to-centre distances according to Big Bag sizes, but we also offer specific holders to fit other containers.

Thanks to its renowned expertise in handling, ManuLine offers custom-built solutions to meet your specifications.

The 1200 mm centre-to-centre distanceholders can be fitted with fork slots in the frame and base (according to handling equipment fork length).

The Holderwith wheels is perfect for moving Big Bags by hand safely and easily (non-stackable solution)

The Holder with duckboard is designed to store filtering Big Bags. It is ideal for collecting liquid (in the event of mud or industrial wastewater, for example).

We can also offer a safety chair for maximum handler safety when opening flexible container discharge chutes.

To reduce the overall height of the Big Bag storage holders and to avoid tearing the bag, ManuLine offers sheet or latticed steel base plates according to requirements and bag type.

Product sheet & specifications for Big Bag structure


The ManuLine team offers custom-built solutions corresponding to your requirements.

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Big Bag emptying station

ManuLine develops safe solutions for emptying flexible containers (Big Bags, FIBCs) quickly and without any spillage. These solutions are suitable for all sectors of industry and for frequent or occasional use.

The emptying station is made up of a top part holding the Big Bag and a bottom part featuring a discharge system and the product collection container.

Our stations are fully customisable (size, valve model, accessories, etc.).

Holder stacking and unstacking is quick, safe and easy thanks to the cupped feet stacking system.

Depending on usage, ManuLine offers several solutions to meet specifications:

Emptying station with hopper and sleeve(s): used to fit the hopper with one or more sleeves for emptying by suction. This emptying solution enables quick and easy product transfer.

Please note that ManuLine does not supply the suction system.

Emptying station with check valve or butterfly valve: makes it easier to empty small particle size products (<6 mm), such as powdery materials. Enables basic flow control during emptying.

Emptying station with diaphragm valve: used to empty your flexible containers by controlling the flow easily and accurately. The Big Bag can be replaced during emptying. The flexible container can therefore be emptied several times.

This solution is highly recommended for the agri-food sector. As the Big Bag contents do not come into contact with the station, no contamination is possible.

The Emptying station with seed valve is perfect for the agricultural sector. This solution is designed to direct the Big Bag flow into a seed drill thanks to its telescopic tube.

Emptying station withindustrial knife gate valve: it is designed for large particle size products (>6 mm), such as plastic granules, rubble, etc.

The product must be able to withstand crushing or cutting during valve opening and closing. This system is not designed to accurately control flow during emptying.

It is recommended for total emptying of the Big Bag.

We can supply a stainless steel version suitable for food use.

Contact the ManuLine team for more information.

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Filling station for Big Bags

This structure is designed to fill Big Bags easily and safely (according to the feeder system) with sand, gravel, grain, plastic granules, etc.

This is a sturdy and stackable station (quick and easy stacking and unstacking operations).

There are two possible configurations: the flexible container is placed on a pallet underneath the hopper, or the Big Bag suspended in a holder is placed under the hopper.

The station features a loading hopper with an opening greater than 1600 x 1600 mm, a height-adjustable hopper frame, four tubes and an open lower base plate.

ManuLine offers specific solutions to optimise transfer of materials.

A filling chute can be fitted with wheels to make it easier to move the station.

The hopper can be fitted with a value to control flow during Big Bag filling. A specific hopper is available for large particle size products.

The station is available in stainless steel for food product use.

The ManuLine team is available to offer you the perfect solution for your requirements.

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Solution for optimising storage areas. Ideal for storing pallets, containers or bulk parts without encumbering an area.

This versatile shelf can be used to set up a temporary or permanent storage area that can be adapted according to requirements. Thanks to its design, it is easy to assemble and dismantle (no tools or bolts required).

It can store up to 2 tons per rack. Maximum stacking (or storage levels) will be defined by our ManuLine experts according to height and weight restrictions.

Standard storage racks are available in two sizes: Single (centre-to-centre distance 1370x1005mm) for a Euro pallet or Double (centre-to-centre distance 1850x1000mm) for two Euro pallets for example.

We offer real solutions to suit the storage area and weight. Feel free to get in touch to find the product that meets your needs. Our design office develops solutions on a case by case basis. For example, it can fit fork guides (fork slots) to racks to optimise handling and your working environment.

Contact ManuLine to develop a custom-built solution to meet your specifications.

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Ideal for storing grain, cattle food or seed, this product is mainly intended for agricultural use. Our flexible storage silos are available in 4 or 7m³ versions with different feeder systems. Our standard structure is available with full opening (bucket filling for example).

Our galvanised steel structures feature a flexible silo. As the silo is made from breathable fabric, it must be protected from adverse weather conditions. It ensures good air flow and therefore prevents condensation in the bag, protecting it from any damage.

The fabric is UV-resistant.

The screw-feed system is used to keep the bag filler neck open (400 mm-diameter steel cylindrical inlet). Please note that ManuLine does not supply the feed system.

The pneumatic feed system is a containment solution. Featuring a steel tube with a long radius elbow and a 100 mm-diameter Guillemin coupling accessible from the ground, it is easy to install and use.

Quick and easy assembly and disassembly. The scissor valve is used to control flow rate during partial emptying.

The ManuLine team will meet your specific requests.

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