Big Bag

Big Bag


Flexible container to transport and store bulk products, such as sand, gravel, grain, plastic granules, etc. Its woven fabric is UV-resistant. This solution can hold a maximum weight of 1.5 t per standard bag. It is available in reusable (safety factor 6:1) or single use (safety factor 5:1) versions. Our partners have many certificates and offer specific designs such as flexible silos for foodstuffs, silos for storing hazardous material or bags that can withstand 2-ton loads, etc.

The flexible silo can feature a filler neck suitable for each process to fill the bag while controlling the flow (prevents spillage).

To manage the flow rate during emptying, whether full or partial, the bag can be fitted with a discharge chute.

For easier material transfer, we offer bags with filler skirts, which (thanks to their additional fabric) can open up flexible containers fully and also prevent any external contamination or content spillage by closing them fully.

The bag topfull opening option is an optimised solution for filling in one go. Your bag therefore becomes a storage container.

The bag bottomfull opening option is used to quickly and easily empty the contents of the flexible silo in one go, while guaranteeing handler safety thanks to remote opening.

It is possible to close the bag bottom fully thanks to the flat bottom option. It is suitable for bag storage and transport only.

ManuLine can customise flexible containers with company colours by printing (on one or more sides) to give brands more visibility.

We also offer tailor-made bags. Feel free to contact us for specific requests (sizes, big bag types, etc.)

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