AGV tractor

AGV tractor


Our automated tractor solutions can transport loads of up to 25 tons indoors and out depending on the model.

When combined with a handling cart or trolley train, this solution can be used to transport containers automatically.

The cart is guided by a magnetic strip, which is either stuck to the floor or buried, or it is guided optically by following a strip stuck to (or painted on) the ground.

Two drive modes are available:

  • Automated: with no driver and a speed of 1 m/s max.
  • Semi-automated: with a driver. This mode can be used to switch from manual drive mode (travelling at a normal speed of up to 10 km/h depending on the circuit type) to automated mode (travelling at low speed with precision docking for loading and unloading).


  • Complete Tractor + Train solution (including design, installation and programming)
  • Optimised logistics flows and improved productivity
  • Maximum safety for the products to be transported, the operators and the industrial environment

The ManuLine team offers custom-built tractors to best meet your needs.

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