AGV cart

AGV cart


This magnetic track-guided or optically-guided cart is designed to transport loads on trolleys automatically, with a driver.

From basic circuits carrying loads from point A to B to more complex circuits with various pick-up and drop-off points, our solutions will meet your specifications. The aim is to optimise productivity.

Thanks to its flexibility, our solution enables operators to call the automated cart if needed, without disrupting the initial programming of the circuit. The operator can then choose the next delivery point for the cart or simply let it return to its circuit.

The size of the cart will depend on the constraints (aisle width, space available at the workstation, automation required, distance to cover, etc.). This solution can transport trolleys of several different sizes carrying up to 800 kg. The trolley can be lifted, pushed or towed by adding a drawbar to the self-driving cart.

When towing, the trolley is placed behind the cart and coupling and uncoupling can be performed either manually by the operator or automatically depending on requirements.

The cart is guided by a magnetic strip, which is either stuck to the floor or buried, or it is guided optically by following a strip stuck to (or painted on) the ground.


  • Complete 100%-AGV solution (including design, installation and programming)
  • Optimised logistics flows and improved productivity
  • Maximum safety for the products to be transported, the operators and the industrial environment

The ManuLine team will answer all your questions and find the best solution for your project

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